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With our trading platform, you can manage your assets from anywhere, at any time.

Why Multi Asset Platform?

The only platform you’ll ever need

Multi Asset Platform provides first point of global access to the latest multi-asset broker algos and allows you to trade across a variety of asset classes including global equities, FX, derivatives and fixed income in one unified platform.

We have built Multi Asset Platform using the latest technology with the open end, enabling addition of any new asset classes that will come in the future.

Our platform gives buy-side and sell-side users access to execution management, order management, post trade, reporting, and compliance functions in a single platform.

Single platform

Global access

Latest technology

Variety of assets

Investing platform for portfolio management

Multi Asset Platform’s portfolio management system is utilized by leading global asset managers, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and sell-side trading desks.

Our platform solves a critical challenge, capturing portfolio data from a variety of sources, merging it with internal and external pricing sources, performing calculations and then delivering it to the right people at the right time.

Complete work station for your workflow

Before you trade

While trading

Post-trade analysis

Start your trading with the most easy process

Available in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.